Trains, planes, & ….

Trains and the heart of children

What’s the fascination children have with trains? Can it be the immense size of the locomotive passing along the tracks in front of the family car? Is the sound of the train whistle miles away stirring their hearts? Perhaps a child dreams of unknown destinations as the train lumbers along.

Several years ago, I climbed into one of these iron horses with a friend in South Carolina. Hugh, the superintendent of a short line, shocked me as he placed me in the engineer’s seat. You can imagine my joy as his instructions allowed me to move the beast in the yard.    The proverbial “knock-me-over-with-a-feather” comes to mind!

As a child, I had an American Flyer train and the stunning lines of those trains ended when the business closed.  I watched trains circle the eight-foot by four-foot layout. Houses, people, buildings, and cars completed a child’s world with Donnie Dixon alongside.

Bring a child the gift of discovery

Newer electronics eclipse the toys of yesteryear.  A grandson received a stuffed animal searching to locate the on-switch. Children have lost the ability to imagine and these toys lose appeal as some believe penmanship lost its purpose.  This year help Santa to give just one gift of discovery for a child and help them learn to dream.




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