This Christmas Don’t Buy Love & Respect; Earn It!

Santa Claus and parent’s respect

When I was a young and naughty boy, my parents informed me they had Santa’s telephone. Imagine a child’s fear when one call and Santa would not stop by my house.  Gone was the bike and Army men! The very thought sent a chill up my spine. Parent’s used the Jolly Ol’ Elf to improve my behavior. In the sixties, no one knew about a child with Attention Deficit Disorder, and I most definitely qualified!

Over the years of pastoral ministry, I worked helping family issues.  Divorce, infidelity, finances, and many others plagued the entire family.  Once, a mother came to me from my church seeking help for the teenage son.  When making the appointment, she swore her son would grow to be an axe-murderer.  I informed her expectations could hauntingly return.  Another woman, seeking help, called to make an appointment with her son.  She gave him everything, and he disrespected her. When I tried to help them face their shortcomings, they never again darkened my door since it was the boys’ problems.

The first woman did not respect herself allowing her mother to assault her. The boy disrespected her because she did not respect herself.  The second mother was divorced and parented from guilt trying to earn his love and respect. While one demanded respect the other sought to purchase it.

“Blood, Sweat & Respect. Two You Give, Last one you earn.”

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, is an accomplished actor, former professional wrestler, and a motivational speaker. Dwayne seems a gentle giant seeking to help others from what he has learned. Destroying evil or playing the Toothfairy, this hulk-of-a-man lives a life many would envy.  Some people seek respect in destructive ways. Some young inner-city youth kill if they feel disrespected. Parents may resort to physical violence with misbehaving teenagers. Managers become bosses and demand respect instead of earning it as leaders.

Santa Claus Cannot Bring Respect

Today’s generation has been raised feeling the world owes them by their mere existence.  Parents tried purchasing love and respect instead of saying, NO! Their offspring did not earn as their grandparents’ generation because by whining or waiting they got what they wanted. My parents said I would need to earn money to buy the things I wanted.  For twenty dollars I could buy gas and go to the movies with a date.  However, at $1.90 per hour, which was the minimum wage, it would take some work to date.

So, what is the answer? Young adults, after graduation from college, learn those who told them they could find plenty of jobs in underwater basket weaving will not earn the things they expect.  Once they find themselves struggling to pay back college debt may realize the struggles in life truly prepare us for LIFE!


Point your kids in the right direction–when they’re old they won’t be lost. Proverbs 22:6  The Message


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