My 60 Year Inventory

Well, today I am sixty years young and I wanted to review my life and see what God has done over these many years.  Reflections help remind us not only of our missteps but also our triumphs. So, here goes!

Today, I have more hair than when I was born. The Bible says God knows the number of hairs on my head and I realize since my 30’s God knew subtraction since my head looks like the bottom of a newborn baby.

As a child, my friends consisted of kids in my neighborhood: Donnie Dixon, Holly Whitmore, Vicki Trumble, Theresa McGovern, and a few more.  Then school started and friendships increased.  Those friends have moved on or moved away yet I have a Friend who is closer than a brother.  I met Jesus in the back of a Chinese restaurant in Norfolk, Virginia when I was twenty-six and he is still with me thirty-four years later.

Though I was not able to start college till I was twenty-seven, God led me in ways I never expected.
Since my first job was washing dishes I found myself was drawn to the hospitality industry and it was here I got my Bachelors degree. Waking up a year after graduation, I sensed “I need to be doing something for God”.  I went back to graduate school to work in Christian camps or retreats but a friend shared God had a call on my life.  For three years He did not relent and I surrendered to pastoral ministry and had the pleasure of serving God’s people for twenty-six years.

Once a loner, I now have an extended family of brothers and sisters in Chris.  Two of those are Vicki, my wife of seventeen years and our daughter, Stefani. God did not stop there and gave me a mother-in-law and sister-in-law to care for since Vicki’s dad had passed away.  Caring for them fulfills a promise I made to care for my own mom but was unable by the time she had passed away.  With both of my parents gone I have a woman in my house who spoils  Stefani and made sure Stefani never had a babysitter.  She has infused Stefani with her life and love and Stefani is richer because of it.

I have had my heart broken and I have done the same to others. To those, I am grievously sorrowful. I, like David of the Bible, have those sins before my eyes.  While I cannot forget them I know he has forgiven them.  The angst we feel because of what we have done gives us cause to stop and think before we go down that same road.

This inventory does not mean the end of my life but a poignant reminder He will still be with me the rest of my life and beyond.  Vicki and I have a new ministry and future plans to travel.  No matter what, God will be with us.  Happy Birthday to me.

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