Dicken’s Christmas Carol

Alastair Sim is my choice for Ebenezer Scrooge. A Christmas Carol reveals Charles Dicken’s hatred for the poor’s condition in 19th century Great Britain. Charles Dicken’s family live in Camden Town, the same poor section as Bob Cratchit. His father was imprisoned for debts when Charles was twelve. Alastair Sim gives a wonderful portrayal of this greedy and lonely man.

Memories of Christmas Past

We buried our sinful pasts in the past and are aware of the sins of others. Scrooge mistreatment by his father was for his mother’s death in childbirth. His younger sister’s intervention enabled Scrooge to leave his boarding school like Christ’s intervention freed me from the bonds of my sins. Scrooge saw things he rejected for the love of money.  His greed separated him from his first love, his nephew, and his fellow man.  The first ghost’s appearance along with Jacob Marley found this wealthy man alone in his room behind a locked door. A good picture for the heart of Ebenezer Scrooge.

Hopes for Christmas Present

The second spirit of Christmas shows Scrooge the joyful celebration of the day. Christmas celebrations are far different than those of today. The wealthy could buy extravagances like trees and gifts but the common man was glad for a special meal with family.  Singing, prayers, fellowships, and charity are replaced today with avarice and waste.  Children rip into packages without reading tags or giving thanks.  We remember the blessing from a small boy, “God bless us, everyone!” This handicapped child would die according to the second spirit unless things changed in the Cratchit household. Still, Ebenezer retained his greedy nature and rejection of humanity.

Expectations for Christmas Future

The third spirit for Scrooge was the ghost of Christmas future. This ghost frightened Scrooge because the future was unknown. Scrooge knows his life but the ghost showed him his fate.  Scrooge would die alone, unmourned, and into eternal damnation.  It was Scrooge’s promise to keep Christmas in his heart every day of his life that changed his future.


The Final Chapter

As sinners, we denied our futures but God declared our guilt. The judgment of God was death and the eternal death but with Christ, our future is assured. Eternity with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and all believers celebrating the wondrous works of God. Words cannot describe the plans and future will inherit but I know like Ebenezer I did not deserve the intervention which changed his life but like Tiny Tim I can say, “God bless us, everyone!”

Have Santa and Mrs. Claus check your children and grandchildren after Christmas and remind them again, Christmas is about Christ. 

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