Moving Ain’t So Bad

Packing Up the Past; Facing the Future

As I sit around my present home in preparation for moving, I find things which had come up missing in the past being packed away for transit.  The question is: did I really need it?
Many things in our lives come and go just as the days of the calendar and what seemed important to possess years ago became dust collectors of that era. Some of us were persuaded by the commercial on television to purchase an exercise machine which would have returned a youthful physique and stamina.  I dreamt of going from twelve-pack abs to hopefully a six-pack but sadly the machine became a place for my clothes. One day I decided to unload it to someone who may have had the same hopes for his body as I had for mine. Moving can also be a good thing.

God moves his children spiritually as well.

When the nation of Israel had gotten accustomed to being in one place, God told them they had been at this mountain too long. ( Deuteronomy  1:6) He wanted them to move and take the land in which He promised for their inheritance.  I guess the nation had just gotten a little bit comfortable.Likewise, as Christians, we get comfortable in our walk with the Lord and choose to sit down and refuse to move.  Sadly, God has an inheritance for us if we just get going!  This means we leave behind the things which had surrounded our lives to move to the place God has for us.  Thing like faithlessness, bitterness, envy, lying, and all the other junk are left behind so we can imitate His Son, Jesus.

In moving we might need a road map to get to the place we are going; God says he knows the plans he has for us.  Years ago there was a bumper sticker which said, “God is my co-pilot” but if we really want to go where He has for us we need to get out of our seats and let him drive.